Webinar: January 19, 11 a.m. EST

Cloud Contracts Demystified! Comparing Cloud Procurement Best Practices Between AWS, Azure and Google

Join the CloudBank Enterprise team from UC San Diego for a workshop on understanding the ins and outs of cloud contracts. We'll provide tips and advice on:

  • Understanding differences between AWS, Azure and Google
  • Getting better purchase agreements with resellers
  • Negotiating enterprise agreements

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Webinar Video: Migrating Higher Ed Administrative Workloads to the Cloud

During this session you’ll learn:

  • How the Cloud works for admin workloads
  • Why use the Cloud for admin workloads
  • What to expect when migrating software from on-premise to the cloud
  • How DevOps and DevSecOps relate to FinOps
  • How to build a thriving Cloud environment with a FinOps practice
  • UC San Diego's cloud experience and evolution


Cloud Cost Optimization

The public cloud market is complex and confusing. We can help make it simple, cheaper and more transparent. It all happens through CloudBank Enterprise, a higher education cloud cost optimization service.

Working with the team from UC San Diego IT Services, and our partner, Strategic Blue, we can help you:

  • Buy cloud your way
  • Understand what you buy
  • Get the best pricing

The CloudBank Enterprise service can be deployed across the major providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, whether you work with all three or just one. 

Send us a note to cloudbankenterprise@ucsd.edu to learn more or to schedule a free FinOps review! 

September 15 Presentation to Campus Champions

July 6 Webinar Recording:

CloudBank with AWS: Simple, Secure and Affordable Cloud for Higher Education 

Webinar description:

Higher education CIOs and university IT managers are invited to the upcoming webinar "CloudBank with AWS: Simple, Secure, and Affordable Cloud for Higher Education" hosted by UC San Diego CIO Dr. Vince Kellen and Strategic Blue CEO Dr. James Mitchell. This session is a follow-up of our March 18 webinar "Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies."

The CloudBank Enterprise solution saves university administrators time and money, taking the guesswork and risk out of using the Cloud for users who want the power and flexibility of the Cloud while maintaining control of their computing environments.

Join the team from UC San Diego, and its partner, Strategic Blue, on Tuesday July 6 as we discuss cloud management and optimization strategies for all the new tools and resources that AWS makes available. 

At the webinar you will learn:

  • Financial Operations for the Cloud and why they are important
  • How to conduct a FinOps review to understand Cloud spend
  • The top 10 ways to spend less on basic and more on powerful tools like AI 

We’ll share tips and tricks on how to:

  • Reduce cost, complexity, and risk for cloud services
  • Stay in control of cloud investments while using , Advanced , and High Performance Computing
  • Predict and manage growth with , , Networking, and more advanced tools like AI, ML, and HPC

And we’ll share a case study of how UC San Diego has used FinOps to increase ROI from their Cloud. 

Whether you watched the webinar live or the recording, email cloudbankenterprise@ucsd.edu to schedule a free cloud FinOps review. 

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