CloudBank Enterprise reduces friction for multi-cloud management.

CloudBank Enterprise supports administrative, instructional, and research activities using public cloud resources that would otherwise not be eligible through NSF solicitations that use CloudBank.

Services include:

  • cloud architecture onboarding to ensure efficient use of resources,
  • financial engineering and operations to maximize financial investments, and
  • advisory services for operations and other enterprise activities.


Custom-built portal focused on the needs of enterprise cloud services.


Tools and services to analyze cloud usage and cloud spend, identifying different kinds of savings.


Consulting and education on both basic and leading-edge cloud services and infrastructure.




Automated monitoring and alerts for usage and spend to recover unused cloud credits, regardless of cloud service provider used.


Scalable services and cost savings for enterprises or departments of any size.


Automated and scalable use of services from all the major cloud providers.


All cloud accounts stay under control of your enterprise.

Financially Wise

Guaranteed pricing equal to or better than what cloud providers offer enterprises directly.

Research Support

A portion of CloudBank's service savings go directly back to researchers.



Please email for more information.