This page contains information for PIs who are including cloud resources in their NSF proposals. Please email with any questions not covered below.

1. What previous NSF solicitations were eligible for CloudBank resources?

The following solicitations were eligible:

2. What are the current NSF solicitations that are eligible for CloudBank resources?

3. What are the resources available from cloud providers to help estimate cloud costs?

The CloudBank team recommends using these calculators from the cloud providers. Please see below for links:

4. I have questions about my cloud resource estimates. Where can I go for help?

Please email for assistance in reviewing your resource estimates and cloud costs. All information provided to CloudBank will be treated confidentially. Note that  questions about your proposal other than this, should be directed to the cognizant NSF program officer for the solicitation.

5. What is the mechanism for funding cloud resources that are awarded to successful proposals?

Proposals will include, by way of a Supplementary document described in the specific solicitation, the cost details, justification, and description of cloud resources requested. The NSF Budget should not include any such costs. However, the total cost of the project, including the cloud request, may not exceed the budget limit described in said solicitations. Once awarded, funds for cloud resources flow directly to and be managed by CloudBank on behalf of the PI.