Welcome to CloudBank! Please see the following user guide modules that reflect our framework of the research life cycle, specific to how you (the Researcher) interact and work with CloudBank to manage your NSF cloud resource award.

Cloud 101

Learn how to use your Cloud funds for your research.

Proposal Preparation

Learn about CloudBank and how to get access to CloudBank funds.

CloudBank For Educators

Learn how to teach in the Cloud.

Research Use Cases

View examples of how researchers have leveraged Public Clouds.

CloudBank Catalog

Explore available public clouds and do an at a glance comparison of features.

Community Forum

CloudBank forum to share cloud knowledge and expertise within our community. 
(Note, posting new comments requires login access.  Accounts are created upon first login and may take up to a day to approve access.)

External Training Materials

View external curated training content.

Cloud Terminology

View all Cloud terminology and definitions.