Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) offers fully managed Apache Kafka. This means Amazon MSK provisions your servers, configures your Apache Kafka clusters, replaces servers when they fail, orchestrates server patches and upgrades, architects clusters for high availability, ensures data is durably stored and secured, sets up monitoring and alarms, and runs scaling to support load changes. With a managed service, you can spend your time developing and running streaming event applications.

Amazon MSK provides open-source, highly secure Apache Kafka clusters distributed across multiple Availability Zones (AZs), giving you resilient, highly available streaming storage. Amazon MSK is highly configurable, observable, and scalable, allowing for the flexibility and control needed for various use cases.

Application development is simpler with Amazon MSK because of tight integrations with other AWS services. Amazon MSK integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and AWS Certificate Manager for security, AWS Glue Schema Registry for schema governance, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics and AWS Lambda for stream processing, and more. Amazon MSK provides the integration backbone for modern messaging and event-driven applications at the center of data ingest and processing services, as well as microservice application architectures.


Apache ZooKeeper is required to run Apache Kafka, coordinate cluster tasks, and maintain state for resources interacting with the cluster. Amazon MSK manages the Apache ZooKeeper nodes for you. Each Amazon MSK cluster includes the appropriate number of Apache ZooKeeper nodes for your Apache Kafka cluster at no additional cost.

All clusters are distributed across multiple AZs (three is the default), are supported by Amazon MSK’s service-level agreement (not applicable to MSK Serverless while in preview), and are supported by automated systems that detect and respond to issues within cluster infrastructure and Apache Kafka software. If a component fails, Amazon MSK automatically replaces it without downtime to your applications. Amazon MSK manages the availability of your Apache ZooKeeper nodes so you don’t need to start, stop, or directly access the nodes yourself. It also automatically deploys software patches as needed to keep your cluster up to date and running smoothly. Amazon MSK uses multi-AZ replication for high availability. Data replication is included at no additional cost.


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