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AWS Events is a service that makes it easy to detect and respond to events from sensors and applications. Events are patterns of data identifying more complicated circumstances than expected, such as changes in equipment when a belt is stuck or motion detectors using movement signals to activate lights and security cameras. Before Events, you had to build costly, custom applications to collect data, apply decision logic to detect an event, and then trigger another application to react to the event. Using Events, it’s simple to detect events across thousands of sensors sending different telemetry data, such as temperature from a freezer, humidity from respiratory equipment, and belt speed on a motor. You simply select the relevant data sources to ingest, define the logic for each event using simple ‘if-then-else’ statements, and select the alert or custom action to trigger when an event occurs. Events continuously monitors data from multiple sensors and applications, and it integrates with other services, such as AWS Core and AWS , to enable early detection and unique insights into events. Events automatically triggers alerts and actions in response to events based on the logic you define to resolve issues quickly, reduce maintenance costs, and increase operational efficiency.

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