CloudBank funds are available to educators to use in their classes. Please see our CloudBank community request page for details on how to make the request.

CloudBank also has deployed an instance of the Berkeley Data Stack for educators who are looking for a scalable, notebook-based platform for running your class in the cloud. If you would like to leverage this platform for your class, please specify that in your CloudBank community request. For more information about the Berkeley Data Stack, please read more below. CloudBank received a Reader's choice award for "Best Use of HPC in the Cloud (Use Case)" in 2023 for this work.

Berkeley Data Stack

The Berkeley Data Stack is a collection of open source tools that help enable large-scale research and education efforts. These tools include:

  • Jupyter: Interactive computing notebooks
  • Interact Links: One-click access to notebook content

Hosted Computing Environment: We provide a hosted environment for students to edit and execute their Notebooks. It includes two components, a Kubernetes-based deployment of JupyterHub that we have specifically designed for courses, and an assignment server that loads assignments into the students’ environment.

Who is this appropriate for?

Any course that utilizes Jupyter Notebooks and nbgitpuller links can be set up use the CloudBank Jupyter Hub instance.

Those creating courses based on the UC Berkeley Data8 Pedagogy can see more information by viewing the Data 8 Pedagogy Guide.

What is involved in creating a new course?

The information in the guide is primarily intended for instructors who either currently are or will be teaching a course in the UC Berkeley Data Science Education Program: either a connector course, a data-enabled course, or a course featuring a data science module. However, anyone else who wants to learn more about the program, the courses, and the technology is encouraged to look through the UC Berkeley Data Science Curriculum Guide.

What classes are available today?

Please email for more information.