Public Cloud Provider Training Resources

CloudBank maintains curated lists of training materials from the cloud providers offered through CloudBank:

Community Training Resources

There are numerous resources available in the community to help understand and use public cloud resources. Over the coming months CloudBank will expand this list and provide an easy-to-use tool for searching these.

Community Cloud Resources and Support

  • Campus Champions: The Campus Champions Program is a group of 600+ Campus Champions at 300+ US colleges, universities, and other research-focused institutions, whose role is to help researchers at their institutions to use research computing, especially (but not exclusively) large scale and high end computing.
  • Chameleon Cloud: A configurable experimental environment for large-scale cloud research
  • CloudLab: Flexible, scientific infrastructure for research on the future of cloud computing


CloudBank wants be sure we are getting the best the community has to offer. If you have a recommendation that you think would help others, please email and let us know.