Pangeo, an open source data toolkit, helps researchers store and analyze the huge complex datasets of climate sciences. Using Google Cloud Platform, Pangeo makes it possible for researchers to make progress faster by running parallel computations on a shared infrastructure that is intuitive, scalable, and cost-effective.

In the field of climate science, researchers tackle some of the most pressing problems affecting the world today. With droughts, floods, and hurricanes in the international news, predicting natural disasters and assessing the state of the earth is more and more urgent. This problem inspired Pangeo, an open-source data platform based on Python tools that provides a flexible, scalable infrastructure for research in climate science.

To manage the datasets economically and efficiently, the Pangeo team turned to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and in particular Google Cloud Storage and Kubernetes. Since GCP has a well-supported, certified, and fully-managed Kubernetes service, Google Kubernetes Engine, transitioning to GCP was an easy choice.

More information is available on the Google Education website.